About Us

MyAncestry is a Irish genealogy research company that provides a professional and confidential Irish Genealogy Research Services for those who wish to explore their Irish heritage. If you wish to take a personal journey into your family’s past or are looking to buy the perfect gift for a loved one,  we will endeavor to provide you with a complete and detailed Family history report of your ancestry. My Ancestry is a member of the Irish Genealogical Research Society.

We are not makers of History, we are made by History.

Martin Luther King

Irish Genealogy Research Services

A Word From Our Customers

“MyAncestry.ie provided an invaluable service to me and my family – it was great to find out who my ancestors were, what they did and where they lived. As well as a detailed family tree; it was interesting to see the old newspapers clippings. I would highly recommend them.”


We always wondered about our family history, where our ancestors lived and the times they lived in. We were overwhelmed about the amount of information we received from MyAncestry.ie. I now know who my great great great great grandfather was.


Why is Genealogy Important?

Genealogy is history on a personal scale. It helps satisfy a deep need to understand how we fit into the broader world around us. It truly is a journey of many lifetimes woven together from the past to the present day. Take the first steps on your own personal journey with MyAncestry.